Financial Tip: "Start With Small Debts to Help You Conquer the Big Ones"

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When you help Nurtured Mindset, you are contributing to your community and your country’s well-being, aiding in supplying the much-needed financial education that so many need.

If you can assist our efforts in any way, we will welcome your help with open arms. Regardless if you’re an individual, an educator, a student or a business, there are several ways that you can make an impact.

We partner with respected organizations, high-profile celebrities and fellow nonprofits to help spread the word about our mission. Nurtured Mindset is always accepting the possibility of additional partnerships with one end-goal in mind: making people more financially literate.

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Nurturing financial literacy takes a village. And we’re always looking for a few more villagers to lend a hand.

When you join the team at Nurtured Mindset, you are working to build the financial landscape for future generations. Whether you’d like to volunteer or partner with us, teach a class or lend a hand elsewhere, we are always looking for the right addition to assist our cause.

Nurtured Mindset is located in the Los Angeles area, San Francisco area, Austin area, Atlanta area so we need the most help here. But if you want to volunteer, regardless of your location, please reach out to us and let us know. Financial literacy will not create itself; you can help support our programs and give others hope.


Hosting our events or classes can give you the positive exposure and reputation you deserve. Plus, when you help Nurtured Mindset, you’re helping financial literacy move in the right direction.

Our organization offers high-quality, proven programs designed to teach individuals how to manage their finances and help them realize the many options they have for investing and saving their money. These programs include online classes, one-on-one counseling, high school courses and several seminars and workshops.

When you sponsor an event or program with Nurtured Mindset, we’ll make sure our partnership is a mutually beneficial one while always keeping your good name in mind. Reach out to our organization today for a list of available sponsorship opportunities.