Financial Tip: "Start With Small Debts to Help You Conquer the Big Ones"

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Founders Story

With a fervent desire to help people earn their own financial freedom, Nurtured Mindset was founded in 2016 by Kimani Frank. But the idea for the organization started many years before.


As a child, someone close to Frank told her two things about money: save your money and don't get a credit card. And regardless of this advice, she grew up in a family with little financial education and they struggled to remain afloat. As life went on and times got hard, she kept working to save and scrap until her and her family started to see some light. It was then that Frank decided to write a step-by-step manual on how to manage money and become wealthy.

Frank wanted everyone around her to start freeing themselves of their financial burdens and struggles. So, after years of fighting her way up the corporate and financial ladder, she began Nurtured Mindset, a nonprofit organization geared at helping make financial freedom an obtainable goal.

Nurtured Mindset is the founder’s way of helping people improve their current situation one financial step at a time. With her own struggles and successes in mind, she founded the organization to hear people say, "I am now able to travel the world” or “now I can buy my dream house.” And with every day that goes by, the organization continues to help make that financial situation a reality for anyone who wants it, regardless of their background or status.

About Us

We are Nurtured Mindset. Our team works hard planting seeds that will cultivate a financially literate population while building a better economy.

Nurtured Mindset provides financial education programs and tools to prepare future generations for rich, unique life experiences unbound by financial roadblocks. Our goals are simple: enlighten our communities and nurture financial awareness.


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Vision & Goals

Financial literacy in the United States is underwhelming. 43% of Americans are financially illiterate, with even higher rates among some minorities.

Nurtured Mindset is working to change these rates and build our economy by teaching 5,000+ students financial literacy, creating 100+ jobs locally and decreasing each student debt ratio by 15% by 2020.

Our mission is to provide high-quality education that will enlighten and help people understand, dissect, and overcome financial struggles, regardless of their age, sex, background or financial status.

Our vision is simple: we want to provide innovative financial literacy education programs and tools to prepare generations with unique, rich experiences that will help foster financial freedom and success.

If you’d like to help us accomplish our mission, please click below to donate or lend a hand. With your assistance, we can change our community and our economy.

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Our progress - the result

Each and every day, our reach grows larger and larger as we help individuals become more financially literate.

Our goal is to help the population by providing financial education to everyone and lowering the unemployment rate and national debt. We continue to make progress towards our goals. See what we’ve accomplished so far:

Students enrolled and learning about
personal finance

Donations helping raise the financial
literacy rate

Volunteers lending a hand to increase
financial literacy rate